12 August 2010

Jouney of a Journo

Apparently some people want to be interviewed to promote their business, especially if said business is currently going nowhere fast.  Some common sense on my part would have saved a pointless trek in the rain today.  Oh well... live it, learn it as they say.

One of my biggest problems is what I call my 'ostrich mode'.  Not being able to take a step back and think rationally, basically my inablity to take my head out of the article sometimes.

 I do think I made huge progess in this today however, despite my miscalculated little excursion. I got my voice back and started talking to 'the reader' instead of talking to myself and assuming the reader would know everything I was privy to.

My writing is better, my article better by miles and most importantly my confidence is back.  Looks like we may have a lead feature that is worthy of its place in the centre fold.  We hope anyway!

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