02 August 2010

Slow and steady progress

It's taken a while, but signs of improvement are creeping in.

Teeline at the weekend was not the predicted horror-show but actually good fun. Yesterday I managed to hit 40wpm, having struggled the previous week to make 30.

Video editing during the week was great fun. We went into Camden, pointed a camera at unsuspecting passers-by and asked them various questions. Unfortunately for me, Tash and Katie, our camera's sound recorder was broken. As a result, our pride at the footage we got was slapped in the face as it played back on the office computer in complete silence.

And the magazine is starting to become more structured. Articles and ideas are coming through thick and fast, meetings are being held and deadlines are being set. No-one has reverted to middle-management speak yet though ("blue-sky thinking, "close of play", "park that offline for a moment") which is quite definitely a good thing.

Roll on,


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