14 August 2010

Super subbing

It's kicking off. And I don't mean the Premier League.

Six days remain until our magazine is published. Currently three of us are sat in the office, subbing features copy to the inch. There is also the small matter of subbing the news copy we have. Knee-deep in P.U.B as we are, things like eating healthily become long forgotten. I think the staff at the local sainsbury's are a bit worried by my mass consumption of basics scotch eggs, mini rolls and lucozade.

On top of that, here is a rundown of my to do list:

1) 6 hours of teeline lessons over the weekend

2) mock media law exam on monday

3) call six people on monday regarding potential news stories.

4) a 1000 word general feature

5) two effing resubs

6) In conjunction with 5, annoy Roberta by not using house style

So it's rather busy.

Best stop wasting time on here then and get on with it.



ps. see page 51 of today's Times (saturday 14th) for a cracking bit of caption catastrophe.

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