09 August 2010


How often did you used to sit in maths lessons at school, thinking "I'll never use this in real life - so why the f**k am I here?"

Today I saw the light as to why basic maths is compulsory in schools. I also learned why my mum had to employ a tutor to get me my A grade in GCSE maths.

Headlines are meant to be 'the fun part' of journalism, where one can unleash one's creative juices and fiery wit upon the page. And they are, but only when you've learned to count.

What we didn't realize is the rigid spaces allocated for headlines, and the duty of the writer to match the designated hole with the exact amount of characters.

Once we'd got past the initial inability to add 1.5 to 1, to 0.5, to 1, to 0.5 to 1.5 (see what I mean, no?) some favorites included "Fast Love in the bog" "Man arrested for 2003 murders" and "Britney got the trousersnake".

I'd say that's three Malteasers and a chocolate bar from Poundland well earned.

Love Katie x

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  1. No Maltesers for mis-spelling, though...


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