03 August 2010

Banana v Kumquat

Today was the second part of media law and the first legal issue was the battle of the fruits. We were split into two groups to answer questions on what we remembered of the first session. The answer was quite simple: not a lot.

However, I did personally feel that everything was in the public interest as we all know...

We learnt about copyright and contempt of court which was very useful and made me think twice and thrice about the smallest details.

But enough about the boring stuff! Let's talk magazine.

Pop-up Business is really shaping up now with all features ideas more or less in the pipeline and news getting better every day. We all seem to be reflecting a variety of readers which is always good as readers truly are everything.

Oh and visual, visual, visual is soon to be the magazine mantra. I feel a post-it note frenzy coming along...

Tomorrow we have subbing and we hope to make a video of the pop-up maze at trafalgar square!

The wonders of Keith await us....(Please, be nice!)

Tasha x

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