20 July 2010

To sue or not to sue?

Aside from leading us into a mexican wave of yawns and turning Katie and I into churchill dogs, media law wasn't that bad.

I guess the main lesson that I learnt from today was to employ a consistent note to self: accuracy is everything.

You may be thinking that this is obvious but the ignorance of this note leads to quotes such as: "S D has been raping for ten years", when really the aim was to say he had been rapping for ten years. It's easily done.

But apart from media law, the status quo has not changed here at PMA as we are all busy bees. We have learnt to say goodbye to things such as late nights watching television and to be honest, sleeping in general (I just made us sound really boring...).

I must tell you that there is an orchestra of computer key tapping here at the moment, due to the fact that we have a review, seven news stories, a news analysis AND research for the magazine to do by the end of the week.

But I do love it.

Off to work I go....

Natasha x

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