29 July 2010

Silent film is back in Vogue...

Today we took our first step towards becoming cameramen and video journalists. Armed with camera equipment, we headed down to Camden Market to suss out what people there think about the commercialization of the market. We filmed everything from a large man carrying two small pooches (Mitsy and Ditsy) with pink Swarovski encrusted doggie collars and leads, to a middle-aged Camden-says-no punk with a three word vocabulary.

The public ran away from us. The public came to us when they saw a camera. The public invited us to a gig at the Purple Turtle. We smiled and said no.

We've just received a schedule for work on Pop-Up Business from the uber-organised Editor Amit - and the pace looks like its going to pick up - yet again. This is now starting to feel like the work-equivalent of progressing child labour. Ouch.

On the plus side, I had my first job interview yesterday for an editor role at a national student title. I'm waiting to hear the results, but in the meantime I'm applying for lots more roles - feeling more confident now I've actually been through the grilling process.

Anyway, I must go now, I have a date with Snap, Crackle and Pop.
(Yes, I'm having Rice Crispies for dinner.)



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