16 July 2010

PMAers run amok at exhibition

We went on a bit of a school trip this afternoon, looking for stories at the Event and Exhibiting show.

The day kicked off with some lessons about press conferences - some were a bit counter intuitive e.g. 'Don't ask any questions', while others just seemed a bit odd, such as 'Don't get drunk' (apparently there are open bars at some press conferences!).

We put our knowledge to use in a mock press conference, and then later Roberta accompanied us to the Business Design Centre in Islington, where we got name badges and wandered around being proper journalists with business cards and notepads, and talked to people to find news.

The most interesting guy I met was a full-time freelance juggler from Amsterdam who has been juggling for 27 years. You'll be relieved to know that the juggling industry has not been affected too badly by the recession, at least in Europe. Might try and sell that scoop into Juggling Journal or something.


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