26 July 2010

The internet, law, features and tln

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"We're trying to make it easy for the reader to understand, and you've just plonked my granny's airing cupboard and a flowing dress in there." (MacLeod, 2010)

Week three has well and truly kicked off at PMA towers. Today, Ade taught us the ways to make your online content scream 'READ ME' to unsuspecting web-users, which will no doubt prove useful to us (in)famous five as we dive head-first into the magazine.

Last week brought yet more work, more things to learn and more encouragement. After my spectacaular if short-lived stint as an arsonist, media law and feature writing were back on the agenda. Both were enjoyable, if not a little frightening, especially as Ade listed through the ways journalists can fall foul to the laws of the land. It almost makes you want to put the pen down for good.

Thankfully, features offered us some breathing space. Being able to go off point with some irreverent interview questions and be more creative was nice, a world away from the fine-tuned news reporting we were used to.

Shorthand awaited us at the weekend, and to be honest, I suck. There isn't much else to say about this, except that our teacher Alison must have the patient of a saint, and that I hope practice somehow makes perfect.

One light relief from all of this was seeing Amit turn from a stoic would-be journalist one minute, to a man who cannot believe that the world cannot find a place for Lilt, Timeouts and strawberry ice cream the next.



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