27 July 2010

The Dog Days Are Over...

The churchill dogs have gone on holiday today as Katie and I have initiated a new chair motion trend, the swinging cat...but more on that later.

The last couple of days have been all about mastering the world of online journalism and not being a complete bore for the disloyal readers out there. This basically meant faffing around on twitter, writing news copy and an opinion piece (unexpected joy) for the blog Ade made for us.

Top 3 Tips for Online
1. Get to the point - readers can click off the page within a second so get readers engaged
2. Can you picture it? If the answer is no then its not a good news story
3. Visual, visual, visual - pictures are everything

Tomorrow we will return to the world of features and hopefully I will land a news story (one can hope...).

I am really enjoying my time here and although it can be stressful, I know that everyday I am one step closer to the dream job.

So let's all fight for our dreams,


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