21 July 2010

Bedtime Blog Round Two

Here's another instalment from your bedtime blogger....

But don't get too excited. This ones going to be brief as I currently have a potential 5.4 hours sleep remaining (excluding time deducted for bedtime Desperate Housewives episode.) I feel that a brief summary of the day's major events will suffice:

We learned how to construct a life in the day style interview. (And yes, it's life in the day, not day in the life.)

We conducted telephone interviews with interesting people. Mine happened to be a bum doctor who drives a car with a roof rack and believes that his animal equivalent is the snow leopard.

Sean set fire to the building whilst Amit watched and Rachel choked on the smoke. That certainly earned him some brownie points.

Tasha graduated and went to the pub, whilst I was forced to go solo with my Churchill-dog style chair-rocking.

5.35 hours and counting....

Until tomorrow,

Goodnight and God help you tomorrow.

Katie x

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