03 March 2010

poorly post-grad

Poorly PG :s

Hey all,

I'm currently in my sick bed after being sent home with the "Nursing Times lurgy" on Monday. I still can't believe I managed to make it all the way through boot camp without falling by the wayside and then get knocked out on a health care title - the irony.

Prior to that, as you may or may not know I was absolutely bricking it about placement but as with most things it's never quite as bad as I create in my head. And believe me I'm a girl that can create one hell of a catastrophe in my cerebrum.

It's actually been rather good and I have got a few bylines, which is very nice and lots of lovely encouragement from the editors. It's surprising how unscary magazines and the journalists that work for them actually are. Truth be told everyone I've met has been really nice, fancy that ay nice journalists - I never.

My placement has come at a really interesting time for NT because the Mid Staffs review concluded and there has been a great deal of policy being made. Seeing how important a magazine such as NT is to its readers and the breadth of information it covers has made me realise that I really want to be a journalist working for a B2B. It has also made me realise I have learnt poop loads on the PMA, which will stand me in good stead wherever I end up but I know there's still loads to learn but I know Roberta is just a phone call away :)

I have missed PMA and the laughter just like Naomi said but I really do think that we're all going to stay in touch no matter what path we take and along with correct spelling of tranquillity, I know will keep me on the straight and narrow.

Big love,

Rehanon xxx

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