09 March 2010

The final countdown...

So, the time is nearly here to bid you farewell. It has certainly been a journey on the PMA, one so challenging, bewildering, thrilling and rewarding it could rival my travels round the world.

I have learnt SO much about SO many things. Firstly, there is journalism in general. On our first day, with characteristic curtness, Roberta turned to me and said: "Everything you think you know about the industry and how to be successful in it, is wrong."

And how she was right. I have learnt how to expel everything I learnt at university about how to research and communicate information in a much more direct and readable way. I have learnt that less is more. And that writing should follow a formula, instead of my own wispy way of meandering through a story and embellishing it with 'redundant' words. I have learnt that I have so much more to learn.

I have also learnt a lot about myself too. This course has beaten me with a confidence stick, and shown me that being out of your comfort zone every single day is exciting, and more importantly, necessary.

I have also met some super people and in among the stress and angst of re-subs and GYB mania, the benefits of teamwork and camaraderie have carried me through.

My final days here are filled with exams, and admittedly, plans for how to spend my first Friday night of freedom. Excited as I may be to finish, in some warped way, I will also miss the routine and daily pressure of PMA.

Thanks to the tutors for being fantastic! And thanks to the fellow PMA-ers for being equally fantastic!

Bring on graduation and the next journey...a job in journalism (we hope!)

Well done everyone xxx

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