11 March 2010

And so it ends

That's it. Graduation tomorrow, and then it's over. All that work, all that achievement. Amazing.

Here are some slightly altered lyrics to 'My Way', to be sung in the style of Frank Sinatra:

And now the end is near,
And so we face the final curtain.
My friend I'll say it clear,
I'll state my case of which I'm certain.

We’ve learnt so many things,
We travelled each and every highway.
And where we did all this,
Was at PMA.

Re-subs we've had a few,
But then again too few to mention.
We did what we had to do,
And saw it through without exemption.

We've done features and news,
And plenty more that’s useful today.
And where we did all this,
Was at PMA.

Sometimes it felt, with loads to do,
That we bit off more than we could chew,
But through it all when there was doubt
We ate it up and spat it out,
We faced it all and we stood tall,
When at PMA.

We've loved, we've laughed and cried,
We've had our fill, our share of losing.
And now as tears subside,
We find it all so amusing.

To think we did all that,
And may I say not in a shy way,
We couldn’t have done it,
Without PMA.

So we thank Keith and thank Roberta,
And we leave him and we desert her.
We all hope we won’t be missed,
We’ve each become a journalist,
The record shows we took the blows,
All at PMA.

Yes at PMA.

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