19 January 2010

Week one over and alls well?

I have learnt what makes news, in theory, but to write it is another matter. We had our first shorthand lesson with Alison, which was just a bit intimidating for me. Currently I am on page four of the book, and everyone else is on chapter 8.

Today was about a weeks worth of media law information jammed into about eight hours of learning with Ade. Honestly I only think half of it went in, but I think that’s more about my late nights trying to get the 50 word news bits in.

The rest of this week is video work with Tom who we are yet to meet. And online writing with Ade (tomorrow), which he has even admitted, is so similar to the printed news writing in a few years that day might not be part of the course!

Best be off, trains don’t wait for me.


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