20 February 2010

Two tears in a bucket......

I had a long overdue appointment with Dr. Duvet this morning and it was goooooood! Yesterday was a double celebration as we wrapped on GYB and celebrated Naomi's b-day (because we're not in on Sunday). We all pretty much overdosed on sweets and chocolates to celebrate.

It was a bit of a surreal moment finishing the mag. The countless hours of writing, subbing, laying out, re-subbing, re-re-subbing, proofing and panicking finally paid off.

We start placements on Monday. Everyone is nervous, aiming to make a good impression no doubt.

I'm gonna miss the rest of the gang and the jokes that we share. But by the end of it I'm sure we'll all be flying high like Jeff Hardy.


There is still loads of work to do. Three features for Will and a couple of hundred resubs for Keith! Oh yes and can't forget the teeline.

One final message to the crew.......click me

Willow the Whisp

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