01 February 2010

things are piling up

The last day of features with Will. Someone from the Sunday Times travel section came in to talk to us about intros. Brilliant.

Would have been quite an easy day, were it not for the fact that we have SO MUCH TO DO. Here's a list of some of the things that fill each day:
  • doing the work we've been set
  • doing the work we've already done that we need to do again
  • doing the work that we've already done multiple times and still keeps coming back needing more work
  • shorthand
  • frantically calling people up to find news for our magazine
  • thinking of features for our magazine
  • researching and writing the features for our magazine
  • media law
  • reading the papers
  • reading the travel news
  • looking for jobs
  • applying for jobs
  • eating (when we get a moment)

All this doesn't include the classes that actually fill up the whole day. It is mental. It's also tremendous fun, which is lucky.

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