09 February 2010

Talking Sex with my Boss

Yesterday was our last features with Will, which I think went well. I have two of the six features passed at present, and I was told my copy has improved since the first one, which I liked to hear. Most everyone else is passing their assignments at speed too.

Today is a day I have been looking forward to for a bit, though I bet I regret saying that by the end of the day. We begin DTP (desktop publishing) which is something I kind of enjoy, but having never used inDesign that all might change.

The main change since the last blog is that I am trying to proof read everything. From the post you are reading now, to a text message to a mate. It’s making me a massive nerd, but I suppose in the long run it will (hopefully) help my copy.

Sorry for building this post up with an amazingly enticing title and then just giving you what we have done… but that’s what a blog is.



  1. Hey it's Tasha from yesterday!
    How did your feature from yesterday turn out?

  2. haha I will never forget Will's face when Matt started his intro with "talking sex with the boss!"


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