10 February 2010

There are a lot of commas in poems

The PMA is the place for,

hang on a minute,

I've not thought this through,

What am I to say?

I haven't a clue.

Perhaps it's best I introduce the few,

who make the days go by - I bring you the crew.

Sitting next to me is Fiona,

She likes wasabi, and we adore her.

And then there's Naomi,

Prompt and so timely,

Together with crumpet loving Rehanon,

They make fine impression-companions.

At the other end of the room sits Emily,

As editor in chief, it's she we have to please,

Opposite her is Khidr,

His name is pronounced Khidr (خدر)

A seat down is our Charlie,

The Sun journalist, his language so classy.

The smooth tones of Jonathan,

reverberate sounding Elizabethan.

Simon the inquisitive soul,

Which leg? Which leg? We'll never know.

Lest we forget chess-master Matthew,

Quiet in the corner,ready to woo.

And finally, there's me,

Your humble servant, "the queen".

Clearly we have far too much time on our hands, or I basically possess "the craft."

Magazine is coming together nicely. Still learning the tricks and tips to master the skills of inDesign.


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