16 February 2010

Lois Lane Lays and Subs

I ve come to the conclusion that paper grows in our office. Everytime it is cleaned up, it returns by the box load. As for being eco friendly, I think that went out the window with my sanity.

Back to a more serious issue: the magazine. Deadline is looming. We've all being trying to master laying the pages out, subbing copy and chasing pictures. It is stressful, especially as my bloody page keeps disappearing! However, I have a feeling, at the Daily PMA Planet that it's all going to be worth it.

It can't be as bad as yesterday's law exam, well not unless your name is JT and The Kid (who both passed with flying colours). I have to say it was not one of my best moments. So, I, like the majority of my class, will have to fit in some serious study in the next couple of weeks.

No chance of skipping out of my work placement at Inside Housing then?

That's a Roberta 'NO!' on that.

Roll on March 12th........x


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