03 February 2010

Lois Lane is flagging at the Daily PMA Planet

Sleep deprivation, no biscuits, missing the tube home, law, resubs, grammarnitus are just a few of my non-favourite things!

It is Groundhog dog at the Daily PMA Planet and at home. I remember laughing my head off in the cinema when I saw the film 'Groundhog Day' it was so funny. What's so hysterically worrying is that I am now playing the Bill Murray character. Just get it right Fiona (your grammar and resubs) and your life will go back to normal.

Home life is practically non-existant. It was a treat last night to bath my little boy and read him Teeline, sorry I mean a bedtime story. Conversations with my hubby usually consist of the following:

Hubby: 'What time are you coming to bed tonight?'
Me: 'No idea darling'

Four hours later - 2am

Hubby: 'Oh my god there is a strange woman in my bed, who is she?'
Me: 'It's me your wife, Teeline Resub....er, I mean Fiona!'

Struggling at the 'Daily PMA Planet' is what I do everyday and I know I am not alone. Features is interesting, but if I have to write about or go near Camden market again I will cry very loudly. Our GYB magazine reminds me of when I have to go for my smear test. Not pleasant but you have to do it.

Oddly, I am still enjoying myself, having Naomi supply me in nuts, Rehanon doing her impressions, Khidir providing communal bread and Charlie sharing his crossaints with me makes my day a little easier.

My current record for studying late is 5am, however Rehanon has beaten me (only just) on not going to bed at all, for a day. Will have to do a re-nose on that!

Keep the faith


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