03 February 2010

its not my day

Shh. This isn’t my blog day. Honestly the thought of working on the ‘Othello’ piece makes me want to Feng Shui my room just to have something else to do.

Today was subbing with Keith, which I think is going to help me no end with my lists, grammar, sentences and structure. Well, I hope it does, since we last spoke I have been going to bed at the ‘Jeremy Kyle hour’ of the morning and getting up less than a handful of hours later. I have been avoiding the urge to moan on this thing for a number of reasons. The main two are, I know I will look back on the posts in like a year and think ‘you moaning arse’, and I don’t want the past students to chuckle away at our misery.

Each and every day my desk seems to look like I am a detective obsessed with a murder case. Having to put up post-its and paper evidence of who did it, but I can’t crack the case. The case of the feature for GAP year business.

We have finished our features days with Will (until Monday at least) and have been set a task entitled ‘a day in the life’. I have set my sights a little high and finally ended up (I hope) with the guy who runs TFL lost property.

If I am honest I’m really looking forward to next week. DTP should be awesome, and I am quite intrigued as to what inDesign can do.

Anyone I am off to do some teeline… right after I have read War and Peace, in French, backwards.

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