27 February 2010

I think my clock has stopped...

The first week of placement completed and only two weeks of the PMA journey to go...I feel like I have been trapped in time for the past seven weeks and truly cannot believe that it is March tomorrow. Or that I'm 23 for that matter...my birthday passed in such a blur of GYB magazine frenzy that when someone asked me my age the other day, I actually had to think about it. For a good ten seconds!

Anyway, placement is going well. Its great to have a change of scenery and put things into practice. And, it's quite nice to hand work in, see your name on the website and think- hey, I can actually do this.

The journey to Hammersmith has been a nightmare though, I'm nearing three hours of commuting everyday which works out at 15 hours a week, nearly a total of two working days...which is the very reason why I have the time to work meaningless facts like that out. Anyway enough random ranting.

I'm looking forward to catching up with everyone in a week, getting the shorthand exam (aaahh!) out the way and seeing the mag.

And then who knows...maybe I will actually BE a journalist.

See you soon guys x

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