02 February 2010

with all the very best wishes and warm regards

Haircuts. The length of hair at the PMA has suddenly shortened. From ten minute trims to two hour designer snips, the boys have embarked on new looks. Perhaps it's their way to offload the burden of re-subs, or maybe they were preparing extra room for the doom cloud of media law around their heads. Who knows?

The routine is the same. Wake up. Travel. PMA. Nina. Lessons. Coffee. Lessons. Lunch. Lessons. Tea. Lessons. Resubs. Resubs. Resubs. Resubs. Travel. Home. Sleep. Repeat.

Lunchtime discussion: how to sign off emails: (are these colons right Keith?)
yours sincerely (seriously guys, it's an email, not a letter!), kindest regards, kind regards, warm regards, regards, all the very best, all the best, with best wishes, with the very best wishes, best and my personal favourite, cheers blad.

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