07 February 2010

Birthdays are for subbing!

Ok, not exactly how I had envisaged spending my birthday, but who said subbing couldn't be fun!

With cake from Keith, chocolates and a jacket-potato inspired card...and general PMA cheer- what more could a girl want!

We are on our merry way to finishing the magazine and I cant wait to see the final product. Deadlines have been set, stories subbed and pictures sourced. Now, we just have to double the amount of copy we already have!

Forgive me, I will leave it there for today. I am compensating for the rather short blog with two lovely pictures of the gang! Over and out.


  1. Trust me: it's a birthday you'll always remember. And how many birthdays can youy say that about?

  2. How is it that I always manage to look like Pat Butcher's love child :S


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