28 February 2010

Becoming a Journalist...

"Hi, I'm a journalist from Third Sector magazine, could we get a comment on..."

Now I see why Roberta wanted us all to go to weekly B2Bs! It's byline central and I love it - especially when people comment on your online stories. I've written lots of news, reviewed a few websites, on my way to a feature and done phone interviews in my sleep (OK, not quite in my sleep, but you do them so often that you don't even realise you're doing them!)

It's incredible how quickly we're writing NIBs (news in briefs - not y-fronts!) now: press release, phone interview, five Minutes later, NIB Done. Honestly, you pop the kettle on and a strong black Arabica later, you've got another byline - without the a,b,c, resubs!

Seriously though, and without wanting to sound like a Jerry Springer final thought, I really feel like Roberta and Keith, Ade, Tom, Will and Richard have, collectively, filled our journalist tool boxes to the brim with every possible colon, comma rule and contact book we'll ever need on a magazine! Forgot full stops though!

To anyone reading this wondering if it's worth the blood, sweat, tears and ten thousand resubs, I would say: yes. Dig out your old personal statement, dust off your CV and get on the PMA course.

Note to editor: the author did not get paid for this, rather advertorial-sounding, article!

Missing the gang though, third sector's office isn't as loud or as funny...

(And remember, take care of yourselves aand each other.)

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