11 February 2010

And so I'm left wondering...is there anything else to eat other than bread and biscuits?

OK, back on the blog train, although I'm not sure that I can top the Triska ditty!

Bourbons, bread and bean soups are on the menu tonight! Not too dissimilar from, well, any of the other 35 nights here at Chez PMA! There were some Rich Teas at one point though (you know it's bad when there's nothing but a Rich Tea on offer). Then there was biscuit-gate with the stolen fig rolls.

Anyway, enough biscuit talk. The mag is well underway and so to avoid doing any more sub-editing, I'm blogging!

Today's been a real fun-filled photo day! And, as we were looking for front cover inspiration, I stumbled upon these Ms. C Bradshaw images. Surprised there were no Carrie comments on the blog as yet, I thought we might like to O.D. on them - enjoy!

Oh, is that the front door! The Chinese has just arrived - well, we can't have custard creams all the time! N x

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