27 January 2010

Tell me he didn't just say that

9:00am. We start features/interviewing with Will. It's a gentle introduction but we all know we're about to be thrown in the deep end as always.

1:10pm. Will tells us that just over an hour to prep for a 5 min interview and write a 450 word profile by 9:15am tomorrow. We all frantically search the internet for information about the interviewee to no avail. Something is not right, it's like the man is off the grid.

4pm. Time flies and before know it, each of us has had our 5 minutes. Tomorrow we have the joy of watching all the videos. I'm cringing at the thought.

5:40pm. Everyone is struggling to bash out 450 words.

6:00pm. Will gives us a news quiz. Charlie loses his 100% winning record as Matthew and Triska come top.

10:38pm. Leave PMA after knocking out the profile and a few resubs. Fiona, Naomi and Reh are still holding down the fort. We are the members of the group I shall now refer to as the Wolfpac. I'm on the tube waiting during a delay and my eyes catch one of the new American Express adverts. You know the ones I'm talking about advertising "help" to customers. I contemplate calling the helpline and asking them to knock out a few resubs for me......

11:45pm. Stumble through my front door and wolf down dinner. Off to do some more work.

Cannonball Kid

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