16 January 2010

Tales of The Kid

Just got home from Covent Garden after a fruitless search for a news story.....Today was our first Saturday and we were allowed to come in at 9:15 am. Lovely. We were greeted by Keith who proceeded to ask us how good we thought we were at spelling and grammar.

Working in pairs, we were asked to sub two pages of written copy. Keith promised rich rewards if any team made less than 5 mistakes. Team Reh-K as I like to call us came a respectable third. Still 82 mistakes was nothing to be proud of! Some work needed there me thinks.

Everyone had their first one to one progress reports with Roberta. The workload for the day was bearable, until Roberta decided to pop in at 1:45 pm and drop a bombshell. Our brief? To go to an event and get a 300 word news story. The deadline for this task, oh 6pm tomorrow. Cue widespread panic.....Apparently we were let off lightly as in previous years, PG's had to find 2 stories.

We barely had time to digest the information because we had our first Teeline lesson straight afterwards. To be fair though, Allison was lovely and put our minds to ease. The beast known as Teeline may just be slayed in the nine weeks.

The work is starting to pile up now. Naomi says that you can't kill a Khidr, but we shall see......PMA. This is journalism.

1-2-3 Kid

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