29 January 2010

Sleeps is for wimps...

This is actually my first blog, and given that it is week three you can get a rough idea of how busy we are. This weekend I emptied my bag of two weeks of Metros, a ton of biscuit wrappers, half a dozen Sainsbury’s receipts and a candle that I had been too preoccupied to remove from my bag.

I might be the only one who is sort of enjoying the mornings. The train journey in is nothing special, but I have one of three albums I choose between that perk me up. When I get to PMA a total of five seconds of ‘Hellos’ is all I get, as I have resubs coming out of a place I can only refer to as ‘bum’. Can’t explain why, but once I have dragged myself out of bed, and I am on the train I enjoy it. Once I am off at the other end I get a feeling of dread as my inner monologue starts to run through my mental ‘to-do’ list. Nearly everyday I bump into Charlie finishing a cigarette outside Costa Coffee as I am half way through the list. I often find myself asking what day it is as they are all blending into one. I guess if this were a work of fiction it would be called a ‘time loop’, but its not fiction.

This week we learnt the art of features writing. I found this a little more appealing and interesting than news, not sure why. So far I have had to write one feature on ‘The Beauty of Camden’, aimed at 55+ readers of ‘Beautiful Britain’, a profile of a lovely civil servant call ‘Gordon Baker’, and most recently an obituary on Ronnie Biggs.

Proud moment of the week was being tested on Teeline. In just three short weeks I have gone from three words per minute to 30 (one minute only).

For me the highlight of this week was getting a call from my mother. She’s been working morning shifts, and I stay at PMA until stupid-o-clock. Every night for this week I have either unintentionally woke her when I get home, or up in the morning. She rang to tell me she wanted a good nights sleep… I replied, “your not the only one”.


Word Count - 387

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