18 January 2010

Rock and roll on another week!

Whoever thought that spending a Sunday writing up six news articles could be classed as a ‘day off.’ The four walls of the PMA training centre had most certainly started to close in on us PGs come Saturday afternoon, so a Sunday spent elsewhere was a welcome reminder of the outside world!

I found myself in what I can only describe as a surreal situation on Saturday night. Sat inside the dressing room of an old school Norwegian rock band as they offered me shots of Jim Beam whisky, I learnt the art of ‘guiding an interview.’ With Roberta sat on my right shoulder telling me to get on with it, I got the answers to my questions, and more importantly, the answers I had hoped for, before they disappeared to get more booze. It was now 9.30pm and I decided that a good journalist would check out the local area, for some context obviously…I recruited Rehanon for this part of my work, and we managed to squeeze in a little night cap before bed.

With no 6am wake up, Sunday morning began blissfully. I spent the day writing news articles, catching up on resubmissions and tackling the inconvenience that is shorthand.

So with one week down, it gives me great pleasure to report that we have survived! It hasn’t been easy, and its going to get harder. But as they say, you don’t get anything great in life without good ol’ hard work.

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