24 January 2010

One sentence wonderer returns...

OK, so I suppose I'd better put my newly acquired online skills to good use and pen more than a sentence this time. I think I speak for most of us when I say it's been a great week. We all had a great time collecting and editing our vox pops. Tom helped! He enhanced the already stunning scenery around the PMA office!

So far, I've interviewed a band and attended the launch of a new club (for work purposes of course!) My favourite day so far though, has to be PC Cohen role play a la press conference! Good times!

As key keeper, I get to host some amazing tea and Teeline parties that sometimes end in a lock-in here at the fabulous Club PMA! We offer great membership rates, so all interested parties should contact Keith or Roberta at the PMA head office.

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  1. Oh doll good luck to you with your key-keeping and partying. You saucy minx.


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