28 January 2010

A lesson how to divide your time between ten million things at once...

Ok, a bit of an exaggeration. But we hit the three week magazine deadline today and three weeks is worringly close. I have now resorted to praying and general bouts of laughter. Smile and it will all be ok.

Day three of features today, 2 haircuts, a spell of nausea, lots of great news ideas and lots of really random facts about Camden. Tonight is being spent writing my first service feature about the 'Beauty of Camden market' (what beauty you cry!) We are momentarily learning how to connect with people, places, concepts and find the 'sell' in everything we look at. And selling Camden market to a 55+ readership is somewhat challenging! I quote one local passer-by "just fulla drug-dealers aint it". The world through the eyes of a journalist however, is a very different place.

Camden by local photographer, Jarek Klocinski

Tomorrow we tackle language, I'm losing the power of speech through a lack of general sleep and contact with the outside world, so this could really come in handy. Up and onwards though, the team is working hard and working well...PMA : Positive Mental Attitude.

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