15 January 2010

The first week has been pretty good and I have enjoyed being kept on my feet. It is good to be dropped in the deep end immediately and I have already interviewed a fairly diverse range of people - on Thursday, we went around Camden asking people what they thought about the 50p rate of tax on bankers' bonuses. In the process, I met a drunk man whose language to put it delicately was rather colourful, a man who possessed both extreme free market and socialist economic views and a former board holder-now unemployed French woman who believed nobody should pay tax period. Today, I have been at an education technology conference.

I suspect that this is the calm before the storm and the workload is going to increase significantly - I am preparing to have absolutely limited, if any, social life for the next nine weeks. However, I am hoping the course will put me in good stead to get a job and I certainly think that nine weeks of hard slog, if a job comes out of it, will make the tough times ahead definitely worth it. So now I'm probably going to spend the rest of Friday evening sorting out my Teeline and fixing up an article here and there while all my friends are in the pub. Oh yeah - and we don't get weekends off either....

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