17 January 2010

Lois Lane Wannabe

Exhausted, frustrated, practically can't spell or string a sentence together but that's enough about the tutors!
The first week is over and I have never been so tired, nervous or challenged. My husband, son, cat and dog now have troubling recognising me, as I practically live at PMA headquarters (although I have managed to wriggle out of doing the housework - Bliss!).
This week I have learnt more about journalism than I did reporting on my local paper for a year. So far my fellow students and I are all getting on fabulously. However, lets see if we remain bosom buddies when the deadline for the magazine is looming and there is no biscuits left.
By the way I can't get my head round our magazine theme - Gap Year! Chocolate would of been a far better choice! Signing off now, as I can hear Roberta's voice ringing in my ears about doing my copy.
Keep the faith.xx

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