22 January 2010

A day of editing

All in all a fun day, despite sitting in the dark for most of it. We've been editing the vox pops we shot yesterday afternoon, and I've thoroughly enjoyed the whole process.

To our relief, we actually had quite a lot of good footage from yesterday. I had been slightly worried that we had only shot twenty six minutes, well short of the hour we had been aiming for. However, it turned out to be excellent stuff, and we had more than enough for the two minute piece we had to put together.

We picked out the best bits, put them in order, cut them down, put in more bits, balanced the sound and the colour, put in captions and added music. Unfortunately, we forgot to do step one of the process and the whole thing was in widescreen as a result. Fortunately, we got away with it. The end result looked really professional, and crucially, we made the deadline.

After that we watched each others on the big screen (the wall), and got feedback. They were all brilliant. I hope I'll have the chance to do all this again at some point - and hopefully I'll be getting paid for it next time!

Now back to the huge pile of things to do.

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