27 January 2010

Back to the future blog or which leg did he get shot in?

A typical PMAer after 3 weeks of the course.

Howdy blog readers of the world,

It is now just coming up 1am as I write this blog so please excuse poor grammar or turn of phrase (Keith I will get the hang of it soon even if I have to hand in version Z of my Othello news story that you so kindly set whilst laughing manically) and I shall begin with the truth because writing the truth is what this whole shindig is about and of course free biscuits and coffee but more about the biscuits later.

I was meant to write a blog for 15th January but in the muddle of PMA related panic/sheer terror inducing course structure and being scared of everything I missed my deadline by 12 days so apologies (Ade if you're reading this I know automatically you will never hire me but thanks for the deadline info I know it will prove key in our careers along with your wisdom on using a blockbuster card to get into the press area).

The benefit of this is as I write my blog for 25th January you're getting a more meatier post for your reading pleasure with more insights into the PMA world as a whole such as who makes the most mess and alledgely is attracting unwanted guests into the office (mice not PRs) into the office (me), who eats the most random things like a sandwich with two biscuits in it dunked in tea (Khidr) or who is most likely to answer the questions that matter such as, which leg was he shot in? (...)

Well what's to say apart from I know they (Keith, Roberta, Will and Arabella from the last course) said it was going to be hard but until you actually do it you don't realise this course is harder than a stick of rock but far more colourful.

By that I mean where else could you start the day on a few hours sleep, followed by newspaper reading and digesting on the train, quick interview before breakfast if you get to the toaster in time, then a briefing, then an interview, then spontaneously come up with a feature, work through lunch, wet yourself at how funny someone (he knows who he is and we love him for it because no matter when anyone says leg it's rib tickling) asking with good intentions - what leg someone was shot in during an improtu press conference because they rightly believe the devil is in the detail, followed by writing a rolling news story every 20 minutes and then if you're lucky getting a couple more interviews in before getting off home - yes that's right a job in journalism, which we willing signed up for though some people have been discussing being tied up and forced to do things against their will in the office today though but I think that's more about their weekend activity.

So there you go we pretty much are getting what we paid for, which in summary is probably the toughest nine weeks of our lives with plenty of highs and lows and poo loads of work always with the knowledge that it will be returned for resubmission at least a handful of times with the phrase "You know what you need to do" ringing in our ears. That said would I want to be doing anything else right now like for instance having a life hmmm hell no but a good night's sleep and some eyebrow threading wouldn't go a miss. Ah well I'll just have to look like Madonna in the 80s and be yawning for another 6 weeks!

Ade taught us just writing won't cut the multi-platform mustard of today's modern media (say that three times fast) so I'm putting in a little bit extra.

Top 10 favourite things about current PMA people (in no particular order)

  1. Simon - his questioning technique it's simply leg-endary.
  2. Jonathan - his ability to do the unexpected like busting out fat beats with a pair of rappers.
  3. Charlie - he resembles a Sun hack but is very well read and favourite to win the news quiz.
  4. Khidr - he's the only person I know that eats biscuits sarnies and he's a good partner.
  5. Naomi - she can't keep a straight face and has shit hot celeb gossip from her flying days.
  6. Matt - he's an unlikely salsa king and I can't wait to see him bust out the cuban heels.
  7. Emily - she's as sweet as pie and full of good ideas and executes tea making to perfection.
  8. Fiona - always laughing and offering an alternative view.
  9. Triska - not afraid to be who she is and can laugh at her self.
  10. Free biscuits - self explanatory
More to follow as we continue the journalism boot camp experience.

TTFN xxxx

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