06 September 2009

Show us your squiggles (Teeline exam day)

Squiggle squiggle, wiggle wiggle, scrawl, wiggle scribble, squiggle, line, dash, wiggly dash, circle, squiggle. Wiggle wiggle.

No it’s not the moves to the latest Japanese dance craze, it’s Teeline. And today (dash dash) was the day of reckoning. The exam. The final countdown (wiggleloopswoop) if you will.

I’d heard of shorthand before the course. I’d always associated it with secretaries in fifties garb, taking down letters and office notes. I never in a million years though it would be such a head-squiggle.

Teeline takes over. While talking to friends or listening to the radio your thoughts are full of what the outline of that word would look like. Some people have even dreamed in teeline, it happens. Honest to wiggle-that-looks-like-a-two.

Now I don’t know who’s passed. I almost certainly haven’t. But perversely it is something that I want to continue with. The idea of being dependant on recording devices and mobile phones forever doesn’t appeal. What if it breaks? What if I delete it? What if I record over it with something else? At least with the wiggles, unless you spill your tea on your pad, it’s there forever.

Ok, so its not a great argument but hey, my head’s full of smallcircle-downwardline-horizontalline.

Tomorrow is the day before the final reckoning on workbooks. So let’s crack on with the resubs. Oh yes and I have an interview tomorrow. Will I have time to get excited and prepare and get everything done?

You bet your risingline-smallcircle I will. Fingers-crossed.

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