10 September 2009

The penultimate day

With only one day to go we are all discussing the really important things: What to wear at graduation? Where we’re going for the ‘after party’? Who is going first in our last ever 1-2-1’s?

Being graced with a lie-in this morning was somewhat disconcerting and yet the majority of us managed to turn up late – definition of irony, Alanis.

It’s like the last day of school and boy oh boy does it feel final. Since high jacking the building for the last 9 weeks we have found comfort in the walls of the ‘boardroom’ and pinching biscuits from the foyer. However will we survive come Monday morning?

OH, WE ALL PASSED OUR EXAMS TOO…woop woop. Watch out London there are 11 new journalists on the scene.

Also, let me be the first to say congratulations to our very own Gemma Taylor, goodluck in your interview.

A Wispa Gold has just been placed on my desk (thanks Ro Ro) so I have no choice but to finish here and devour my disgustingly high calorie treat and savour the moment. Yum.

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