01 September 2009

It's the final countdown...

Well, indeed it is. And judging by some of the emails that were pinging around this morning from PMAers, I'm not the only one panicked at the fact that we have TEN DAYS until graduation.

The long weekend threw me a bit, as I allowed myself to properly relax for the first time in seven weeks. And then I felt a bit deflated,and couldn't really get going. HOWEVER, today my engines are revving once again.

This evening I'm going to the first night of Alan Cumming's one-man show.The main purpose of this is for my 500-word review for Will. so I shall be scribbling away on my notebook like a proper reviewer. Thankfully we're up high in the cheap seats, so I won't put Alan off.

Have absolutely loved my placement at Broadcast magazine.A really great team of people on the mag,plus I'm really into the subject matter. I have been given lots to do, and have had good feedback on my writing. I can definitely see the difference that PMA has made in seven weeks. Even small things like knowing what a "standfirst" is, make you feel more confident.

And I haven't even had to leave Camden to do my placement! Looking forward to seeing everyone again back "home".

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