01 August 2009

Wow...I think we're slacking

Gemma forgot to do her blog yesterday, and I've just remembered to do mine.
A lot of us came in with sore heads this morning. I blame Will, drinks were on him. Well only until he left. From what I hear, Adam, Josh and Alex are hardcore. They managed to out do the rest of us and stay at the pub until, wait for it....10pm.

Brian Schofield
As Gemma hasn't mentioned anything, it's my job to talk about Brian Schofield. He came in to do a bit of teaching on features yesterday. Really managed to perk everyone up, he's a really funny guy and it shows through his teaching. He used lots of acronyms - he said because his handwriting was bad...I won't say any more on the issue.

Today was more of a relaxed day
Roberta made us all feel better with our one-on-one tutorials. She gives the best pep talks. It's really given me a positive outlook on the week ahead.

Then came along Teeline
We're on to 40wpm and it seems like most of us are getting the hang of it. And it is Alison on the CDs! I was adamant that the voice on the Teeline practice CDs wasn't her. Yes, I hang my head in shame for laughing at Josh. I'll find something else to laugh about. In my defence, her accent doesn't come through.

More Teeline to look forward to tomorrow...

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