29 August 2009

Loving the weekend

Although I'm enjoying the lie-ins that the work placement has to offer, I do miss the bogey green walls of PMA. But what I'm really missing is the new family, that's right, you 10 sexy pale things have been adopted.

So far a week of work is up and it's been pretty intense. On wednesday, I was invited into the the news meeting for the mag and half way through i noticed a dead spider nestled in my lap. Attempting not to react or break into an attractive sweat, I sat rigid for 30 painful minutes. As I left, the editor pointed out there was a spider floating from skirt and told me it was good luck...what does this mean...might you by offering me a job next week??

I'm watching X-Factor right now, Adam what you think of Danni's hair tonight??

OK, I fear this is starting to sound more like a diary entry than a blog....

So happy that everyone is loving their placements and if we don't get jobs in the next fortnight there's a consesus that we'll start up Family Business...Roberta..thoughts?

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