02 August 2009

Teeline for dummies

I was the second to arrive today so felt very dedicated, although I would have been third if Violet hadn't gone 3 stops too far. Too engrossed in her obituary. Arabella gets a gold star for being first by more than an hour... GOLD*

So then it was time for more Teeline. I have gone majorly downhill, obviously had beginner's luck before. Yesterday I genuinely couldn't see any words in the squiggles and today it took about a year to translate half a page. Hopefully it's just a one-off dip in the progress as we just found out we only have Alison for 6 weeks in total. That means there's only 3 weeks left so the pressure is on! We are all expected to make 100wpm in the end, apparently that's actually possible.

It's also exactly 3 weeks til we go to press with the magazine so bearing in mind that there isn't anything written for it yet, that was quite a shock! But then Adam pointed out that we've only been on the course for 3 weeks and it's seemed like ages so we have loads of time. I like this view!

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  1. Just a subconscious attempt to assuage my guilt for being in the Remedial Teeline class...


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