21 August 2009

Super, smashing, brilliant

Food for thought: Debbie's face while eating sushi

So, the magazine is now winging its way to the printers to be etched forever more on single white sheets of paper. I wanted to hand the CD of the finished copy to an armoured truck flanked by one of those men you see with a face-guard-helmet-thing on. However, having it nestled snugly in Riva’s handbag will have to do.

I think the elation we’re supposed to be feeling is masked by the sheer draining tiredness of the whole experience.

Aside from putting the finishing touches on the magazine and the last absolutely-final-then-that’s-it-honest proof of the magazine copy, everyone had today to catch up on the Everest of re-subs that has been growing and growing over the last week.

In other news, Alex is concerned that her first job application has been met with stony cyber-silence. It’s been 36 minutes and counting now. She’s envisaging that the editor of the magazine has probably fallen off the back of his chair into a coma of amazement at the brilliance of it all.

Ricky and Chris have discovered that their Brazilian names are Rinhosa and Smeiro da Guia. Lesley is now known as Foottisco. Apparently, mine is Charlincha. How it got that I’ll never know. Chris is keen to point out that you can also find Russian and Dutch variations.

I’ve also supplied pictorial evidence of how Debbie found her first foray into the world of supermarket sushi. To say she didn’t seem overly impressed is an understatement.

The various contents of the fridge have now developed a stench that could be packaged and used to fend off a splinter terrorist organisation. Fortunately for anybody planning on walking the halls of PMA we’re being forced to clear all our contents in preparations for entering the big bad world of real work. The start of our work placements is emerging on the horizon.

It’s time to go – Gurjeet’s just declared it home time. Watch out Marketers, Charlincha is looking for a scoop from Monday onwards.

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