14 August 2009

Size matters

Day 29 in the PMA office: Things are getting a bit pressurised and the room’s getting a bit smelly. Glamorous it certainly ain’t. Far from having ‘the buzz of a real newsroom’ as Roberta keeps telling us, the PMA HQ has the fraught air of eleven sleep-deprived students, attempting to learn something that takes a year in nine… oh wait.

Today the dapper Richard returned to walk us through designing our feature pages for everyone’s favourite family business publication, Family Business. The air was soon thick with technical terms such as “How do you move that bit?”, “Why’s it doing that?” and “nueerrggghh – I hate this, mine looks crap!”.

Speaking of looks, you’ll doubtless be relieved to hear that our picture editor has a very strict policy on the, err, let’s call them the facially-disadvantaged. (Who said this journalism thing was about being objective?) Which, at least means that our dear readers will have some hotties to look at. Ish.

So once all our suitably attractive families had been selected the issue of size quickly arose. People who hadn’t sent us pictures that were hi-res enough were called for better ones, leading to a complete misunderstanding with Debbie telling one poor gentleman “I’m sorry you’re just not big enough.” Cue much cabin-fever induced hilarity.

We were also treated to a visit from Will, who was dropping off more work and re-subs. Yes, we all enjoyed that bit. The git.

What does tomorrow bring then? More of the same I’m afraid with more InDesign frolics, news subbing, picture hunting, revising for the media law exam in three days and the added joy of Teeline (still squiggles to me).

So that’ll be nice, won’t it?

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