25 August 2009

Placement - publishing and palavas

So it's day two of the placement. And I for one am missing the others terribly.

Whether it’s Ricky's witticisms ("I wasn't BORN a Ricky, I didn't have RICKY written on my head..."), or Josh's larger than average moonface, Debbie's increasingly out of control Barrocca obsession, Gemma's comedy "wa wa waa" when something annoying happens or Gurjit’s hysterics. Plus all the other thousand and one things that are either too obscure or odd to put here. I miss it all.

(One thing I don't miss is the stench of the room. Oh cool breezes how I've missed you. And what's this? No smell of feet? Amazing.)

But I digress. Placement so far has been interesting and eventful (all two days).

I'm at Planning magazine. Which is about, well, planning. I managed to get a story for the site yesterday and a couple written up for press today and one more online.

However the delight of being asked what I’d like on my byline for the printed magazine threw me and I shouted “Alex, no wait Alexandra, no wait Alex, no wait Alexandra, no wait...” for about two minutes, until eventually they took pity on me and took such a tough decision out of my hands.

I think they thought it was a one-off until I threw most of my lunch down my top and then spent a lot of the afternoon brushing couscous out of my lap and off my keyboard. There were worried looks. Tomorrow I’ll be lucky if they let me near a computer.

Everyone in my old PMA crew seems to have fared better in winning over hearts and minds. Adam has written about the X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing and made us all very jealous by going to an industry event on his first day. Chris has a story up AND is going out into the field to interview people face to face about architecture. Gurjit has had two stories on the website and in the daily bulletin and Debbie has been interviewing children (and young people now presumably) on Kerry Katona, t
o name but four of us. Everyone seems to be doing brilliantly.

In short all our publications have actually been letting us write things. And are publishing them. With their brands on.

Which considering where we were back in July is pretty outstanding.

I could get used to this writing malarkey. Now I just need to win back the trust of my new team...

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