17 August 2009

Let the good times begin

PMA, it's like a fun game

Media Law was the highlight of our Monday morning. Last minute revision - What is the Reynold’s Test?











No doubt we all passed.

Back to the magazine. I can’t speak for everyone but working on InDesign is turning into one of those treacherous moments you want to put in a box and bury deep under the pile of re-subs.

A lesson on InDesign: File place, reword, resize, notice widow – resize, reword shift alt, delete…arrrghh “GEMMA HELP”

It has taken four hours to put my page into InDesign. Chuffed with the magnificence that is page 9 and then Josh points out the error. It has all been done on the features template, NOT NEWS. Another three hours of fun times.

Desperation has set in. Don’t tell the boss but the beer round has just begun.

P.s Award of the week goes to.....Joshua Colley - who bravely rescued the walking stick of a skeletal old lady. Adam and I are proud little puppies.

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