04 August 2009

Kumquats, Bananas, Raspberries and Pears

Adrian Macleod was in today for another enthralling session of media law. The morning started with a fun variation to revision, a quiz.

We were all given out scraps of paper with a fruit on to determine the teams. There were no buzzers on this game show, we simply had to shout out the name of our fruit.

This was a major problem for Lesley as she has a phobia of bananas. She says: "They smell like a**." Luckily Josh didn't draw apples or pears because he's allergic to them, or as he puts it, has "fresh fruit syndrome".

The kumquats started off brightly, but the triumphant team were the pears (Arabella and Violet).

Unfortunately, they didn't receive a prize for their glorious victory, not even a real pear to snack on. The bananas came in last after having a point deducted, but were hampered the whole way through due to Lesley's fear of the phallic-shaped yellow fruit.

After the early morning excitement we settled into the serious stuff such as finding out that Alan Shearer tried to trademark his face. Apparently anyone can trademark their face, but it can't be copyrighted as your face is a fact.

Facts can't be copyrighted.

On that note, I guess all of the above is now copyright Christopher Smith as it is predominantly b****cks - not fact.

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