06 August 2009

Just to reiterate: Subbing is rather trivial

The work will start to pile up soon according to Keith...I thought this was piled up, how wrong of me.

Another crazy day of subbing. We’re all getting that little bit more comfortable with each other. Happily defacing the work of our fellow PMA-ers to hear yells of protest when ten of us interrogate them. It was a relief that none of my work was put out for crucifiction. Dare I look back at the first piece of work I submitted? I think not, it’s perfectly cringe worthy. Look how far we’ve come in four weeks though, I’m so proud of us guys : )

I write this blog with care..poor Ricky regrets yesterday's entry after his flippant comment, “subbing is rather trivial”. Just for the record, I love it…please don’t make us do more! The ice creams were very well received though Keith, so thanks, feel free to keep them coming!

Quote of the day: "I know what you quilted last summer." Courtesy of Violet.

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