09 August 2009

Jai Ho! (You are the reason I breathe...)

Ooh, I've been wanting to use that as my blog title for days...

Well, after 27 days in a row at PMA, today is going to be my first "day off". The reason being that my "A Life In The Day" interviewee is only available this afternoon. Except it's not an actual day off, as I have loads to do. It just means that I won't physically be in the building. Which is kinda nice. Not that I have cabin fever or anything.

Aaaaanyway, I got myself off to bed nice and early. And then sometime before midnight the vague sounds of laughing/chatting woke me up. Imagine my joy when I realised that a flat on the floor below us is having a party. There's no loud music, but they're all sat outside yacking away. And it's 2am. Now, any normal time this would annoy me but not ruin my weekend. Four weeks into the PMA course, it could be the catalyst for a Britney-style head-shaving crisis. (Oh wait, I had that done earlier at Mr Toppers on the high street, a bargain at £7).

Oh well, let them have their fun I guess. I'm not bitter. 

In more PMA-based news, we had our first DTP session today with Richard, and it was a revelation. Very exciting seeing the possibilities at our fingertips. He even said we worked brilliantly together as a group. Am sure this will come in handy as our printing deadline looms. (Am seriously considering taking up smoking).

I'll sign off now with some font-related goodness for you, courtesy of some obscure late 90's Kylie (and the bloke from Deeee Lite): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbcTp6hvhsU

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